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Supporting breast cancer patients and families across Maryland

With over 4,000 new breast cancer diagnoses each year in the state of Maryland, The Red Devils works in conjunction with 40 hospitals and medical facilities as well as dozens of service providers to lessen the burdens of the disease on patients and their families. Improving the quality of life for these families is our number one priority, as funds raised are used directly toward various lifestyle programs and medical services. From insurance premiums to house cleanings, The Red Devils supports roughly 700 patients annually in a variety of ways:

Medical Services & Treatments

Family Support


Copays Rent and Mortgage Sedan and Van Rides
Medical Bills Gift cards Parking Passes
Acupuncture and Massage Therapy Homecare Gas Cards
Medical Equipment Housecleaning Metro Passes
Prescriptions Meals Taxi Vouchers

In 2013 alone, we were able to assist 704 individual patients and their families, with a breakdown of services as follows:

Over the coming months, we hope to bring continued content to this blog covering the many aspects of The Red Devils, including, but not limited to, patient stories, event updates and recaps, interaction with the community, and more. With upcoming special interest stories to share about youth involvement in the fundraising process and anecdotes from current and past patients, we hope you will follow along!

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