Our Stories

We weren’t alone

When we were told about the cancer that my wife had, we thought we were all alone with all of our problems, but it was nice to know that The Red Devils was there for support.

Betty Tyler: From Homeless to Hope.

Betty Tyler’s circumstances were unimaginable for most of us – homeless and in search of a safe, supporting environment to begin her breast cancer treatment. She found both thanks to the extraordinary care and compassion of our treatment support community.

A stay was arranged at a residence hotel across the street from her treatment center. Groceries were delivered to her regularly. Not […]

It’s really been a blessing

When Helen Wright, 65, was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer last October she had no local support network. Helen had just moved back to her hometown of Elkton, Md., one year before, after living in Modesto, Calif., for 58 years. “Being here and not knowing anybody, not having anybody to go with me to […]

They provide for me

For Michele Franklin, 55, her relationship with The Red Devils goes back eight years, after her third cancer diagnosis. She was initially diagnosed with breast cancer in 1994, and underwent a mastectomy in her right breast and received chemotherapy treatments. The cancer went into remission for five years, but came back in 1999 in both […]

One less thing to worry about

Cathy Guthrie, a 39-year-old mother of five, was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer in September 2012, the same month that her mother died. Cathy received a double mastectomy four months later. Cathy and her family live in Cecil County, 45 minutes away from Union Hospital, where she was receiving treatment. Susan Dewitt, the same […]

Never thought it would be me

Before being diagnosed with breast cancer, Erica McCray was enjoying all the things you would expect for a young adult – spending time with friends, going out, having fun. At 20 years old, she had a clear vision of her future. Erica was studying at Baltimore City Community College in their nursing program, working two […]