Patient Thanks (Part II)

A collection of kind words from our esteemed patients:

Pay it forward

“The Merry Maids housecleaning was fantastic.
Support of this kind is invaluable.
I will always remember what it feels like to receive help from a group that has never met me
and it will drive me to pay it forward.”

It was hard to keep going!

“I had to go back and forth to the doctors office daily for a week and it was hard to keep going until I received the gas cards you sent me.
I was so stressed over trying to beg, borrow and steal (not literally) money for gas to get to treatment.
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help you gave me.
It was truly needed and appreciated.”

Gas cards

“Thank you so much for the Sheetz gift cards for gas to my treatments for my breast and brain cancer. It’s amazing how quickly the gas tank empties when you have to make 2-3 trips to the hospital every week.”

You are a blessing!

“I hope you realize what a blessing your organization is.
Having cancer is a very stressful time
and your donation of the gas cards helped relieve a lot of stress.”

I’m so very grateful

“When I found out how much my co-pay would be for radiation,
I became concerned about how I would manage. The gift card is greatly appreciated.
It is a generous way to support families with their fight against cancer.
Thanks so much.”

Family support

“Thanks to you, I was able to have my daughter here with me from California for my surgeries and treatment.
Also, the gas cards have helped me get back and forth for radiation treatments.
Thank you again for your support and kindness.”

Thank you! Thank you!

“We received two gift cards for gas and we are so very grateful.
I am visiting from California and helping my mom during her surgery and treatment.
Thank you! Thank you!”


“Not having to worry about gas for getting back and forth to hospital
and doctor’s appointments has been very helpful.
You are an amazing company! Thanks so much!”

Getting me through chemo!

“Thanks for all you do. I am so thankful you have helped me pay for acupuncture.
This has been very helpful in getting me through chemo.”