Andamento Gallery Showing

Andamento Studio & Gallery, featuring mosaic art and fine handcrafted jewelry, is delighted to announce a fundraiser for The Red Devils. On Thursday and Friday evenings, February 1 and 2, we celebrate the opening of a show by mosaic guest artist Patty Van Dolson, who writes: I have been fighting Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer (which means that it is incurable and terminal) since 2011. As much as I do not want to be   defined by my breast cancer, it is now intrinsically intertwined in my persona and affects every aspect of my life and art. Please join us for music, refreshments, to meet Patty and enjoy the art! Ten percent of everything sold in the gallery on February 1 to 4 will be donated to The Red Devils, as will ten percent of all of Patty’s work at the gallery through April, 2018.